Adults Beginner Surf program 3 days

From AUD $180.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Surfers Paradise, QLD
  • Product code: PNWDQ9

Before you start your program it is important for you to identify what level surfer you are unfortunately its not as simple as how many lessons you have previously
done. Surfing is such and individual sport and everyone progresses at a different rate.  You may have been taking lessons with a mate,
done a beginner class with another surf school or never tried before, but until we get you in the water we cant really tell- this will give you a guide to see if you are ready for the 3 day program

If you want to sign up  for one of our programs we would assume that you have at least "had a go"  and know that you want to commit. You may have participated in a beginner surf experience with us or somewhere else, or you may have had a couple of lessons with a mate or family member.

So on the first day of the program we would expect  you can at least do the following :

  • Minimum age 13 years
  • Stand on a board using the 4 or 2 step method unassisted by the instructor
  • Ride a broken wave in the white wash ( even just for a few seconds) unassisted by the instructor
  • Be able to identify the parts of the surf board
  • Basic surf awareness
  • Recognize hazards in the surf such as rips
  • Be able to swim at least 25 meters in the surf and tread water 

If you are not able to tick all the boxes from the list above we would suggest you start with an Introduction to surf lesson, where these things are covered.

Each day of the 3 lesson program will cover some theory on the beach and of course lots of time in the water. By the end of each lesson you will have to reached certain levels so that you can progress to the next level.

A basic guide to some of the things we will cover on each day:

Day one ( level 1 beginner) White wash

  • Review of your skills and knowledge from previous experience
  • Basic introduction to  waves, conditions, swell, wind and tides
  • Correct warm ups and stretches
  • Basic Paddling technique
  • Practice 2 step method
  • Basic board riding on foam board- correct placement of feet etc.
  • Basic surf etiquette
  • Technique review via photos

Day two ( level 2 beginner) White wash

  • Waves and conditions continues, wave selection
  • different breaks and reading forecasts
  • introducing pop up technique
  • Improve paddling techniques and maneuvering the board
  • Body positioning on a shorter board
  • Surf Safety continued

Day three ( Level 3 beginner) White wash potential green waves conditions permitting

  • Mastering pop up
  • Pushing through the waves
  • Sitting on the board
  • Turning and catching waves
  • Technique review via photos

Dates for up coming programs:

November ( held once a week- you can book either Saturday or Sunday )

Day 1  Saturday 14th November                                             Day 1 Sunday 15th November

Day 2 Saturday 21st  November                                             Day 2 Sunday 22nd November

Day 3 Saturday 28th November                                              Day 3 Sunday 29th November

December ( held 3 consecutive days )

Day 1      Friday 11th

Day 2      Saturday 12th

Day 3    Sunday 13th

Day 1      Monday 21st

Day 2      Tuesday 22nd

Day 3      Wednesday 23rd

Day 1      Tuesday 29th

Day 2      Wednesday 30th

Day 3      Thursday 31st

Day 1      Tuesday 29th

Day 2      Wednesday 30th

Day 3     Thursday 31st

January  ( held 3 consecutive days)

Day 1      Monday 11th

Day 2       Tuesday 12th

Day 3      Wednesday 13th

Whats next ? Once you have reached all of these mile stones you will be
ready to hit the green / unbroken waves. Talk to our instructors about
an Intermediate program or private coaching session