Kids only Surf Lesson

From AUD $60.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Surfers Paradise, QLD
  • Product code: P5PH0Y

Kids only
surf lessons

Are your kids
keen to Get Wet and Get Vertical ? our kids only surf lessons are for little
frother's who want to try their hand as shredding  without those pesky adults killing their mojo.
These classes are for 6 to 12 year olds and they are run throughout school holidays
3 mornings a week (more in peak times) and on Saturday mornings throughout the
school terms. These classes are run for maximum fun and safety.


* 2 hours
learn to surf experience

* maximum
4 participants per instructor

* All
equipment included

* Lessons
at 8am every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday though out school holidays more often
in peek times and on Saturdays though out the school term

* Approx.
1 hour 20 min in the water

Complimentary transport from Surfers Paradise to the best beach on the

  Gold Coast (we allow one parent to come in the shuttle but other seats
must be reserved for other surfers)

Cost $60 per
2 hour session

3 lesson
discount $145

lessons $140 per 1.5 hour session

Who can
join this class ?

Any child
between 6 and 12 years

under 6 we recommend a private lesson

No swimming
ability necessary as the lesson is conducted in waist deep water but you must
be strong enough to hold on to your own surf board (parents may assist with

levels of fitness are welcome to join as you can participate at your own pace

Any child
with a medical condition or previous injury are recommended to seek the advice
of your physician


What to

at our trailer at the Spit just 5 min

before the lesson, if we are picking you up you need to be at the pick-up

location at the time you have been informed, we do everything we can to get to

the beach on time.

really need you to be in your swim wear when

you arrive so we can get the class started on time, we will check you in, make

sure everyone has arrived, grab a rashie/ wet suit and board and head down to

the beach. Mum or Dad can jump in and help with carrying the board if you like
but we do pair up the kids to make it easier for them to carry.

This is
where you have to listen, the

instructors will run through a really important safety brief about the

conditions you are surfing in on that day followed by some really easy

techniques to help you get up on the board as easily as possible and maximise

your vertical time on the board and of course how to fall off safely. Once the

instructors are confident that you are all good to go, its then time to ….

Get Wet : This is what you came for. The
instructors will

take the group down to the water together, before your big toe goes in they

will run through the formation they need you to stay in so everyone gets a

great crack at it and the instructors can give you tips. If you are doing what

these expert instructors are telling you should be pretty much standing on your

first or second wave.

At first
the instructors will help by pulling

you onto the best waves, but it won’t be long before you can pick your own and

go for it. Some people learn faster than others for one reason or another, but

the instructors are there to help everyone achieve the best they can. We do
appreciate that some children may get tired or cold during the lesson, so the
instructors may chose to come out of the water and do some warm up activities
with them.

after a
good hour and 20 min (if you can last

that long) in the water you should be tired, satisfied and have a big smile on

your face, met some new friends and want to tell the world. It’s now time for

the Instagram group pic so you can share with your friends. if the conditions

are good and everyone has been catching lots of waves the instructors will do

their best to grab some photos of you ripping, after the group photo we will

all head back to the carpark and they will show you their happy snaps on the

lappy, if you like what you see and want to grab them for your next face book

profile pic you can grab a USB with all of your shots for just $25 ( if you pre

pay its just $20).

*** the
instructors will do everything they can to get some good shots of

you but sometimes it’s just not possible- they will not compromise your safety

for a photo. If you have prepaid and we don’t manage to get photos you will be

offered a refund on the photo price.

Get Dry: you will be a little salty and
sandy so if you

want to have a quick rinse off now is the time to nip off quickly to one of the

outdoor fresh water showers and bathrooms and freshen up and get dry. Time to

say good bye to your new mates and if you LOVED it, chat to the instructors

about coming back for some more.